The Data Integration Process Generator

If it has a pattern, why not automatize?

DIPGen is a generic metadata driven tool that generates fully functional Informatica Powercenter ETL processes:

  • DIPGen generates Informatica Powercenter ETL-processes (mappings, sessions, workflows).
  • DIPGen returns fully functional results: the resulting workflows are automatically imported into the desired Informatica environment, and are ready to be started.
  • DIPGen is offering versioning (git-based) and deployment features.
  • DIPGen can also generate BMC ControlM batch jobs for your Informatica Powercenter Workflows.
  • DIPGEN has its own METADATA-repository. All METADATA from the generated ETL processes are traceable for audit purposes. Thus, a permanently evolving and growing data warehouse can be monitored through its entire lifecycle.

Further technical characteristics:

  • DIPGen uses the Informatica Powercenter SDK-API approach (and not the XML-Template approach). This has numerous advantages, such as the direct connectivity to the Informatica Powercenter repository, allowing importing and exporting Informatica objects, as well as – the most important aspect – loading Informatica Powercenter objects into DIPGen at runtime, easily transforming them as per the customer’s requirements, and manual errors in the XML-template.
  • DIPGen supports the generation of Informatica Powercenter workflows of all types of Informatica sources and targets, including Informatica PowerExchange (CDC) objects.
DIPGen Teaser: